Thursday, August 18, 2016

Green Heron with Frog

Startled by a perceived threat, a Green Heron comes to attention...crest raised...eyes fixed.
It's 11a.m. on the Milwaukee River in Mequon, WI.

A real threat didn't materialize so all is quiet again...crest lowered.

It's back to searching for food on the lily pad covered river.

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This bite-sized crustacean was a suitable snack...several more would make a meal. 

Green Herons eat from a wide variety of aquatic life, mainly fish, but also including spiders, snails, reptiles and amphibians.

Today an amphibian is in his future...a bullfrog!

Stabbed straight through, the frog, if alive, is mortally wounded. It was just a matter of removing the frog from his bill and positioning it headfirst for swallowing. This took six minutes of juggling, tossing and twisting to get the frog aligned just right. 

The bullfrog has given up and accepted his fate.  He hangs limp or expired. The heron has his meal.


All gone!

Now you might say the Green Heron has a
 'frog in his throat'.


Credit: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds
Sibley Guide to Birds