Saturday, October 29, 2016

Anna's Hummingbird

A male Anna's Hummingbird watches his territory diligently. From his sun speckled perch in an Arizona mesquite tree he controls everything in his 360 degree view. He is the king of this plot...judging which other hummingbirds stay and which must go...most must go. He projects a regal air to show he's serious about his sovereignty.

Then again, it's difficult to look humble when your head is on fire.

Resembling the glowing embers of a hot coal fire, the fear factor alone of his fiery face coming at you must be formidable.

With a fresh sunrise to warm his backside and a good morning stretch completed, he is ready to face the day.

It's a day for hundreds of trips to hundreds of flowers for minute sips of sweet nectar.

This high energy bird lives on sugar water and tiny airborne insects.

Hummingbirds have enemies.
Although quicker than most other birds he's hardly a meal worth one's effort.

Feral cats, large mouth bass, hawks and even large spiders prey on the adults, while crows, chipmunks and squirrels raid nests.

Smaller in stature than other birds yet with an out-sized 'birdsonality', the hummingbird, reigns as a bird worthy of everyone's interest and protection.


Credits: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds