Tuesday, June 18, 2013

House Wren

You’re likely to be scolded if you get too close to a House Wren’s nest.  They don’t put up with much, even if they are grossly out-matched.

The House Wren is a tiny bird with an 
out-sized attitude.  Willing to take on much larger birds, if it desires their nest sites or feels its own territory has been violated, the House Wren is a warrior.  Common throughout most of North and South America, the House Wren is a survivor, too. 

Cross a House Wren and you are likely to lose your nest site, your eggs and possibly your life, if you’re a bird.  They have been recorded evicting bluebirds, chickadees, swallows, and warblers…birds two to three times larger.

For all this aggressive behavior towards their neighbors, they sing a fairly sweet song...when not upset. That may be the key to getting on their good side…stay out of their face.  Watching from a distance could work, but it’s no guarantee. 

A well-placed wren house in an area of thicket and cover could attract one for close observation.  House Wrens don’t require anything special when it comes to a cavity either.  You could nail an old boot or soup can to a post and they will inspect it as a possible home.

Then listen for what we call a song, but is probably meant as a death threat to other birds.