Saturday, June 8, 2013


Canada Geese are common and also cussed, for the mess they make on sidewalks and parks.
But, the goslings are cute.

As soon as I appeared over the crest of the hill the Canada Geese spotted me. I didn’t know they were there when I approached the pond and they didn’t expect me either. We surprised each other.  The adults lowered their head immediately in an attempt to hide.

Clearly concerned for the goslings, they took to the water. Water is their safe haven.

Eight goslings would be a large clutch for one female, so this is probably a ‘gang brood’ being guided to safety by a lead adult. 
The head-down posture and silent retreat indicated they didn’t want to be discovered.  The small pond wasn’t large enough to provide a comfort zone though.  They swam to the other side to hide in the tall grass.  When I got there, too, they retreated into the water again.   
I left them alone.  

The goslings can’t fly yet, but they can keep up in the water.  They are learning to watch for danger, too.