Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yellow Warbler

One of the most easily identifiable warblers is the Yellow Warbler. 

Warblers can be hard to identify.  There are over fifty different North America warbler species alone.   Many of them are similar in appearance, but identifying the Yellow Warbler is easy…its yellow.

You could confuse the Yellow Warbler with an American Gold Finch or a Wilson’s Warbler, but for the most part the Yellow Warbler is a butter-colored yellow bird.

Even hiding in the sunlit foliage, he is pretty obvious.  Unable to disguise his brilliant chestnut streaked breast or his bright face dotted with deep black eyes…he’s destined to be discovered.

Look for Yellow Warblers near water.  That is where newly hatched insects are most abundant.  Insects provide the energy he needs to make a long migration possible and the Yellow Warbler's migration is long.  This Yellow Warbler could end up in northern Alaska by the end of his journey. Traveling on the leading edge of the insect hatch, he survives on tree bud if insects are scarce.  

Yellow Warblers are common and widespread.  If you haven’t seen one this year, try your local wetland.  Even if you don’t find one, the walk will do you good.  

Spotting a Yellow Warbler would make your walk even more enjoyable.