Saturday, May 11, 2013

Red-headed Woodpecker, Lake Park, Milwaukee

It’s not easy for a Red-headed Woodpecker to hide.  Even at fifty feet high in a tree he’s easily spotted, but this one wasn’t trying to hide anyway. Black, white and brilliantly red headed, he’s impressive from all angles.

This bird was one of four Red-headed Woodpeckers hanging around a grove of trees in Lake Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Actually I can’t say how many different birds I have here.  Four Red-headed Woodpeckers darted in and out of the area, chasing one another through the trees, disappearing, only to return again.

I posted a Red-headed Woodpecker just last month.  The first Red-headed Woodpecker I ever saw in my life was in South Carolina.  Maybe two woodpecker tales in two months is too much, but I think they are exceptional birds and worthy of notice, wherever they show up. 

The closest this one came to hiding from me was to move to the back of the tree, but being curious, he’d reappear from the other side rather quickly. 

The fact there was four of them in a small area would indicate they were probably passing through…migrating north.  Most anyplace east of the Rocky Mountains is home to Red-headed Woodpeckers, so finding one shouldn’t have been that hard for me all these years, but it has been.