Sunday, September 9, 2012

Green Heron at Lion's Den Gorge

This first-year Green Heron would not have allowed me so close had he known I was there, but I was at the pond first.

When he flew in, he first checked to see if it was safe.  He either didn’t see me standing motionless 100 feet away or he didn’t perceive me as a threat.  He kept his long neck tucked tightly to his body while surveying his surroundings.

To get a better view he stretched it out full length to see over the tall grasses.  

Once convinced he was safe, the Green Heron patrolled his branch for the best fishing spot.

This Green Heron is a juvenile…a little dull for this delicately feathered species. Next year he will be sporting a brighter color palette overall, including a bluish cap with a slight crest and a chestnut throat and neck.  Green Herons are common, but not your typical backyard-bird, unless you have a pond in your backyard.

He struck a few fish-threatening poses, but came up empty each time.  Inexperienced, uninterested or frustrated with his lack of luck, he flew away after five minutes of trying.  

I was the lucky one today.