Friday, December 9, 2016

Steller's Jay

A Steller's Jay may take on a clown-like appearance when the wind blows his crest, but this is a serious bird.

Boldly colorful and stocky in appearance, the Steller's Jay is an intelligent and inquisitive bird.

Steller's Jays possess remarkable spatial memory skills enabling them to hide hundreds of food stores for the winter.

They not only remember where they stashed an acorn or nut, they occasionally move them around if they believe another bird saw them hide it.

Plumped up against the predawn cold of Summerhaven, Arizona...elevation 8000 feet...this Steller's Jay watches for a food opportunity.  Although eating mostly vegetable matter like nuts, seeds and berries, the Steller's Jay is not hesitant about taking an egg or a nestling.

Social, so not particularly shy, the
Steller's Jay is often found around people. Traveling in small groups you may find them interested in your offerings of peanuts or seeds.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds