Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Common Grackle

Even on a good day the Common Grackle is unlikely to win the beautiful bird contest. He doesn't have a lot going for him looks wise, so you'd probably pass him by for most beautiful bird pick.

To be fair, many birds, including the Common Grackle, are going through their annual molt right now. That would certainly lower one's odds of winning a beauty contest.

This flock of about seventy-five birds landed on our lawn recently, pausing on their migration.  They immediately began searching for insects in the grass.

The group only stayed long enough to eat and run. Most of the flock was in some stage of renewing their feathers.

The seasons are changing and so is the bird's look.

Posing in the right light, you might see a nice iridescence glow being replaced by a dull brown winter coat.

Many grackles retreat from Wisconsin to spend their winter where the weather suits their clothes.

The grackle may not make the list of your most favorite birds, but he still has something to offer you...up the right light.


Credits: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds
The Sibley Guide to Birds