Friday, July 1, 2016

House Wrens w/babies

Insuring baby's health and happiness is a toiling task for House Wrens parents, who only weigh 0.4 ounce themselves. Delivering the 'groceries' for two chicks is full-time work.

Insects are the preferred meal for raising baby songbirds. Almost always hungry, they will grow fast on this high protein diet.

Food gathering continues from dawn to dusk. Spending only enough time for a down-the-throat feeding, the parent quickly departs to avoid attracting attention at the nest.

It is hard to quantify the benefit of birds for the average sized garden.

But, with dozens of insects gleaned daily from your garden, imagine the damage NOT inflicted on your vegetables and flowers.

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If you are not fond of spiders and flies consider the options of making your garden bird-friendly. One bird family equals fewer insects...two bird families, fewer still and so on.

Babies score one mouthful at a time as your garden becomes pest free with these all-day, everyday feedings.

Birds may be a the best pest management system you'll ever find.