Wednesday, March 16, 2016

White-faced Heron, Australia

Bad feather day?  Not really.
She's just rearranging her look.

The Yarra River provided a good fishing spot for this White-faced Heron as it flowed through Warrandyte, Australia.

White-faced Herons are well known in Australia. Similar to the Great Blue Heron of North America, the White-faced Heron is only slightly smaller.

Fishing is an important source of nutrition for the White-faced Heron.  And she's good at it, too, even in the brown silty waters of the Yarra River.  Balanced on a slender log, she waits patiently for tiny fish to swim within range.  She takes her best shot.

It's not a great catch, but she caught several of these tiny fish and stayed on the submerged branch in hopes of finding more.

A White-faced Heron must look good while fishing, so a good shake and it's time to fish again.