Monday, September 23, 2013

Yellow-rumped Warbler

The bold spring feathers of the Yellow-rumped Warbler were faded and had to go.  
It was time to bring out the winter wardrobe. Denying winter is coming is not a option.  

This warbler’s new winter coat is again fashionable for the coming season.  The shades of tan to brown to near black look smart...especially when set-off by a yellow rump, a creamy breast and two white eye crescents.   

Yellow-rumped Warblers always look good.  They may be as common as cows in Wisconsin, but they are never boring. They sport a pretty coat of feathers all four seasons and will linger low in the shrubbery for you to enjoy.  

If you can’t appreciate the beauty of a Yellow-rumped Warbler your life may be too stressful.

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              A leafless tree should convince this one of an approaching season change.

By instinct or experience, she knows the insects she relies upon can be wiped-out overnight with a hard freeze.   She must be ready to leave on short notice.  Looking fit, she is ready for her long journey to Mexico or Central America.

She is leaving Wisconsin now, but hopefully she’ll be back to pass through the Forest Beach Migratory Preserve again.  She should have another new outfit by then, too.


Credit: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, All About Birds