Monday, July 8, 2013

House Wren Babies

Even with two parents working non-stop during summer's long daylight hours, it still isn’t enough to satisfy these two baby House Wren.  The doorway begging is continuous.

A plump spider momentarily quiets one baby, but another mouth is waiting.  The insect gathering continues with cafeteria line efficiency. Although as the babies grow, their food demand increases accordingly, so the cafeteria service speeds up, too. One parent or another delivers food every few minutes.

Sometimes the babies are quiet.  I suspect they might feel insecure then and don't want to give away their location. They will soon outgrow this small house and have to venture outside. That won’t stop them from begging for food though.  The babies have a lot to learn about how and where to gather their own food. The begging will continue in the trees.

For now, a single chek note, repeated continuously, keeps a parent House Wren hopping.

A large bright yellow-orange beak keep the parents motivated.

A bee and a bug...down-the-hatch.

The natural instinct to beg keeps this one from swallowing what’s already in his mouth.

With one parent departing and the other arriving the chow line keeps moving.

This meal requires an open-wide approach…it all fits.

The day ends late…the morning will arrive early...the cafeteria line needs to start up again. 

It's an all-to-brief rest for this parent of growing baby House Wrens.