Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Black-necked Stilt

I’ll admit it.
I go for the cute birds.
Long legged and curvy, you'll have to agree the Black-necked Stilt is a cute bird.

Black-necked Stilts are wetland birds.  They forage in shallow waters for invertebrates, beetles and tadpoles. Long legs give the Black-neck Stilt the advantage of staying in deeper water for safety from land predators.

You won’t find Black-necked Stilts in Wisconsin.  They prefer  southeast and southwest United States.  Ponds, pastures and reclaimed waters are places to look for them.  These were foraging in reclaimed water in Gilbert, Arizona. 

A very energetic bird, they're constantly bobbing, probing and stepping. They quickly devour whatever they find in the sand and it’s off to find another. 

Crouched down, they're about the size of a baguette and weigh about the same. 

They are cute little bundles.