Thursday, November 1, 2012

Peregrine Falcon

A hundred feet high and trying to hide, this Peregrine Falcon was having a hard time fitting onto the narrow ledge he calls home.  

The Port Washington Power Plant’s cream-colored smoke stacks didn’t camouflage him or suit him well as he struggled to stay balanced.   He even looked uncomfortable.  He quickly departed. 

He flew a short distance to a corner nest box built by the power company to help in the recovery of Peregrine Falcons.

This could be a male or a female.  Peregrine Falcons look alike and I don’t know the code used on their leg bands to determine the sex.   I’m not sure if he/she raised a family in this nest box either, but it is not a juvenile.   

It was sunny and very windy on this Sunday in Port Washington. Two weather systems were colliding. Hurricane Sandy and a Canadian high-pressure system were disturbing Lake Michigan. He was looking for a spot with less wind and more sunshine.  

He found a blue electrical box and it seemed just right.  He stretched out…


…scratched and sniffed for an hour in the sunshine.  

Then something stirred him to leave…

...and he was gone.  

It could have been hunger, boredom, or both…

...but I’m glad he shared some time with me.